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Almost a week after the incident with Gabriel Rico’s piece in Zona Maco starred by the art critic Avelina Lésper, Galería OMR has finally released a statement published on its social networks.

In the text, the gallery informs that after several conversations with Gabriel Rico, they concluded that the damage caused to the piece “Nimble and Sinister Tricks (to be preserved without scandal and corruption)” cannot be fixed and that it could not be reproduced in an identical way.

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They also acknowledge that the damage caused was accidental, however, they assert that this happens when one undertakes risks, “such as the case with Mrs. Lésper’s actions.”

During this week, there had been doubts regarding whether OMR would take legal action against the Avelina Lésper, but the statement informs that “an accident can happen to anyone and anywhere so we are well prepared to mitigate the risks and so we are not taking any action against Mrs. Lésper.”

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At the end of the statement, the gallery urges the public to “please, don’t touch the pieces!” unless it is otherwise mentioned explicitly.

OMR also stressed the role of contemporary art in society: of acting as a mirror of society and as a platform for dialogue. So is the perspective of the gallery about this situation that unleashed a debate that, they assert, reflected “the divided state of the current world.”

“Regardless of the individual appreciation of a work of art, we welcome well-informed and constructive critique, and with it, the opportunity to openly discuss what moves us, what represents us, and what gives meaning to our values,” asserts OMR on the statement.

Galería OMR also thanked for the support they have received this week from the artistic community, colleagues, collaborators, friends, and media, and expressed that the “accident and incident” was a great learning experience.

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Fuente: El Universal